anyone have memory recommendations for Asrock FM2A88X Extreme6+

Looking to purchase & run 16gb GSkill Ares Series DDR3-2400 ram on the Asrock FM2A88X Extreme6+. The memory list is a bit vague only showing 4gb gskill ddr3-2400. Looking at their chart the most they show being used is 8Gb. Anyone currently running 16Gb on this motherboard?

TIA for any help.
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    The memory support list (QVL) isn't quite like the CPU support list. It only represents the memory that was tested prior to release. But according to the board's specs, there should be no issue at all running your 16gb GSkill Ares Series DDR3-2400. It supports 64GB of that speed and higher. And if you use an APU w/on-die GPU, it will help speed up graphics.
  2. May well depend on what APU, while a mobo may support 2400 that doesn't mean the CPU/APU can, generally the 5800 and up can run 2400
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