Is FX 8320 Good for gaming

hi i am building a high end gaming rig that i want to be able to play the new coming tiles like bf4 and gta 5 on ultra settings. i was wondering if the fx 8320 will be good enough and will the mother board im using be alright too (ASUS M5A97 R2.0)

Graphics card is 7950
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  1. Should be good to go, shouldn't be any bottlenecks
  2. Good enough.
  3. Tradesman1 said:
    Should be good to go, shouldn't be any bottlenecks

  4. Tradesman1 said:
    Should be good to go, shouldn't be any bottlenecks


    That MB is a good choice, you can even overclock some if you want. Maybe hit 4.0-4.2 GHz with that board.
  5. I'm running one at 4.0 and it runs everything no sweat, it did at stock as well, the OC was just for fun. It's a great CPU.
  6. thanks and 12gb ram will do wont it and i am going to get the mb version of that motherboard not the le
  7. Yeah, it's pretty good.

    About memory - I suggest you to take 2 sticks of 4GB (8 GB total) - it will be cheaper and right now it's all you will really need - in future you can add another 8 GB and end up with even more RAM than you planned for a very modest price.
  8. okay its just that i have bought 4 gb of ram can i add another 8 gb to that
  9. Well.. for BF4. I do not recommend 4GB RAM.

    Anyways the build is good. If you have extra money, then get a cheap CPU Cooler. Like the CM Hyper 212 EVO and overclock that CPU. It would offer much better performance, since it has 8 threads. In BF4, the overclocking would be worth it.

    Also good choice on the 7950. It is a very good card for the price it is currently selling it.
  10. thanks can i get another 8 gb and mix it with my 4gb so long it is same speed
  11. NO! You should not pair a 8GB Stick and a 4GB Stick together.

    The RAM should be even that is 2x4GB Sticks or 2x8GB sticks, etc.

    Also both the stick should be similar. If you pair a 4GB Corsair RAM stick with a 4GB G.Skill then it would hurt performance.

    Hence you should buy two exactly similar RAM and then pair them up to give good performance. This is how it works.
  12. dont pair odd sized or even different brands/models within brands of ram modules. it can often result in instability. just get 2 x 4gb matched ram modules. the 8320 is good enough, for newer popular titles will run very well, for some older and/or less optimized titles, the 8 cores are no better than 4, and a low end i5 would be a better alternative.
  13. If you currently have two sticks of 2GB, you can add another identical pair for total 8GB

    If it is a single stick of 4GB, you can buy the same one to make a total of 8GB. Or buy three to make total 16GB ram.
  14. Yes, if possible, then go for the i5 3350p with a cheap B75 motherboard. It would make up a good pair.

    But games like BF4 would run better on the overclocked 8320 because they can use more than 4 cores. But still most games are just fine with 4 cores.
  15. ok thanks im gonna keep my processor because im on a bit of a budget and ive already bought the mobo. ive also got a 1000w psu
  16. Anyways I am not sure why anyone would need a 1000W PSU for a single GPU gaming build. 650W is more than enough for Single GPU's.

    Anyways what else help do you need with? Feel free to ask anything you want to know.
  17. On DRAM if getting new, go for a 2x4GB set so you know you'll have 8GB total then can try adding the old, even if you bought an identical set to what you have there's no guarantee they will play with your current sticks, so get a set of 2x4GB then if the 2x2GB do play you'll have 12GB which is a 4GB bonus
  18. thanks very much guys i bought the 1000w psu because it was cheap but it was also an antec i know its over the amount i need but i may put in two graphics card if i really have to but i doubt that.

    My pc specs
    CPU: Amd FX 8320
    Motherboard: Asus M5A97 R2.0 MB
    GPU: Radeon 7950 may have 2
    PSU: Antec Quattro 1000w
    RAM: 8 gb Kingston 1333mhz 4 2gb sticks but will upgrade in future
    OS: windows 8 but not sure still need an opinion on that but Direct x is later on
    Storage: 1tb Hard disk
  19. Best answer
    Specs look nice to me. Should be good to go.

    You can play games at 1080p with high-very high settings at 30+ FPS easily on most titles. Even the BF4 should not at all be a problem.

    A word of advice : That CPU has got a huge overclocking potential, so if you want to boost your performance, then you should get an aftermarket CPU Cooler, cheaper ones like the Hyper 212 EVO would do just fine, and then overclock that CPU to like 4.0~4.2 Ghz and it should then offer stellar performance. Just an advice, because there is so much potential there to unlock.
  20. Looks good, though I suggest a minimum of 1600mhz RAM, best 1866mhz one - it the best balance between excellent performance and cost. 1600 is ok too.

    Also Crossfire with that board will lose some of performance, id's suggest the board based on the 990 chipset, but of course that's more expensive.
  21. i might upgrade my ram if necessary and ive never overclocked before but i will give it a go. Thanks for the help should i just keep the ram i got or get faster
  22. I understand that you might be excited to upgrade your RAM, but you should not post it 8 times..

    Just kidding.. LOL..

    Anyways your build looks good, so I think that the question is now solved as you have your final build..

    So, you can mark the thread as "Solved" when you feel that you have got the answer that you were looking for by "Picking A Solution". It would be apreciated by people who are looking for similar answers.

    Anyways have fun :D
  23. yea thanks very much youve been a huge help but i didnt post it 8 times... for some reason its been coming up on any questions i post
  24. Yeah! I know that.. no one would willingly post the same thing 8 times, it might be some problem with the server. Anyways I was just kidding.. :D

    Have fun with your new build. :)
  25. haha thankyou very much you have been a huge help
    I will over clock the cpu though thanks
  26. MaXiMus M8 said:
    haha thankyou very much you have been a huge help
    I will over clock the cpu though thanks

    Just take care with it - the motherboard is a budget one, bump clock a but and see how it goes, don't just nuke it off 4.2Ghz+ right away :)
  27. okay thanks
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