Denied access while initiallizing my passport external hard drive in windows 8

I have wd my passport external hard drive from 3 years ago..I have all my important files in it..
didn't have problem when I used window xp and vista..but it didn't recognized with windows 7, and 8.
I tried to solve the problem so I searched a lot..
found that I have to initialize through disk management..but there was 2 options..(MBR, GPT)
whatever I choose...access is denied..
I don't know what to do now..
can someone please help me? I'm stuck.
I wanted to post with images..but I don't know how to..I made jpg file...but there is no tools to upload images.
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  1. You should not initialize it if you are trying to recover the files from it.

    Is that what you want to do? Or are you just trying to get the drive going again ?
  2. I need those files inside of external hard drive..
    if so...what can I do?
  3. in disk management, does it say the drive is raw, unallocated, free, healthy...?
  4. unallocated.. and..color is black..
    on the says not ilitialized..and on the looks solid one black line with unallocated...
    I only can see propertices..
    I updated wd my passport essential drivers (firmware and virtual CD manager) but virtual Cd manager saying that I need to remove password..
    I don't know how to remove the password that I made before because hard drive didn't show up on explorer.
    and..can't initialize through disk manager..well after I update the driver, can't even click "initialized disk". the letter faded out.
    oh....what should I do now?
  5. I'm sorry but we don't help you work around a password locked drive. All we can do is refer you back to the manufacturer or the software creator if this is an aftermarket software lock on the drive.
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