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i have vista home 32 version. it works for a year or two. last week it auto shut down. when i started it ask the product key. I typed it in not working and asked the Microsoft support, it is not working and he used his own product key it wasn't work. The representative transfer to a pay service and ask $160 to fix it. Is there any one know how to solve the problem? Thanks for your help.
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  1. 1. Windows would not ask, on startup, for the key. It would tell that is it 'not genuine'.
    2. A MS rep would not use his own key to re-activate.
    3. MS would not charge $160 for reactivating a valid key

    Methinks you have a virus and you talked to someone 'not Microsoft'.

    Devirus your machine, and/or call actual Microsoft.
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    USAFRet, I think, is spot on. This sounds an awful lot like one of the many scams to trick users into paying for support that is really not needed.

    Check Control Panel/System to see if Windows is activated or not. Also, a complete malware scan with a tool like Malwarebytes should remove this problem (if what we suspect it is is accurate).

    Get Malwarebytes at Install, update, and run a full scan (the free version is good). Delete all the app finds.
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