Asus Sabertooth vs X79-Deluxe?

I'm looking at upgrading my computer, & wondering if a Intel i7-3820, or 4820 is better. I am also wanting to get an Asus motherboard & am trying to decide between the Sabertooth, & the new X79-Deluxe, unless anyone has a better suggestion. I am using my pc for gaming, & really don't need to upgrade it at this time, since I am running an Intel Q9650 3.0 @ 3.8, with 4GB memory. I'm currently using Win XP 32 bit but was am planning to get 64 bit for the upgrade.

I haven't used Win 7 & I'm still not really ready to since I'm used to XP.

The main reason I am upgrading at this time is because I am fixing my dads PC, which is also an LGA775, & it has a bad CPU, so I am going to use mine to fix his. Good excuse as any to upgrade mine ;)
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  1. Good thinking ;) Would go with the newer 4820K and on the mobo, both are good, but would suggest the Deluxe, new model, better chips, handles DRAM better....better BIOS, think that would be best bet
  2. I've got a P5Q Deluxe now, & have always liked the Deluxe models, the only thing I wasn't sure about is the fan on the Sabertooth looked nice.

    I know they like to use the nice looking Gold Heatsinks on the Deluxe models I just wasn't sure how they compared to the cooling on the Sabertooth.

    The other thing I noticed is the Deluxe is hard to find in stock atm. I'm in the US, & I found one for $365, which isn't bad, but I have a chance to get a new Sabertooth for $207 instead of the usual $319... That's a big difference :p
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    Good price, might want to go for it! The ST is a gret mobo also, I've been looking at the Deluxe myself, and sort of like the idea of handling DRAM better, if I jump will want to load it up and go 4930K :)
  4. That's what I thought too. I just bought the Sabertooth motherboard.

    So what's the fastest, & best memory I can use in it, as far as a 16 gig kit 4x4 gig goes?

    If I can go to XP 64bit, & get full utilization of my memory, I'm debating on whether or not I should get Win7 instead. I haven't purchased XP 64bit yet. I'm familiar with troubleshooting XP but I have zero experience with Win7.

    Thanks for your help.
  5. With the 4820K I'd go 2133, GSkill Snipers, 2133/9
  6. I love Newegg. Have had their site up for a few days now shopping on there. Would have bought the Deluxe from them already if they weren't out of stock :D

    I've never used G.Skill before. I've always used Corsair. Are they just as good or better? I see that you are using them so they must be ;)

    Am I okay sticking with XP as long as I get the 64bit, or do you recommend I go to Win7, even though I don't have any technical experience using it? Will I notice that much of a difference, speed wise, between the two?
  7. Think you'll like Win7, not a ton different and it is faster, on Gskill I started using them alot back around 208 and by 2010 was pretty exclusive except when folks were adament about a specific set of something else (and even then at times, did the build with what they wanted, then had them try the rig with what I had suggested, most made the change to GSkill ;) Great sticks and they are the innovations leader, i.e. a couple months back, maybe 3 Corsair came out with a 32GB 2400 set....Gskill had a few sets out over a year ago
  8. Looking at the QVL list they have the Ripjaws listed but not the Snipers. I take it they should both work & that you think the Snipers are better even though you are using the Ripjaws? I take it 2133 going to be the fastest I need for the money. Obviously there wouldn't be a difference between them, & 2200, but I didn't really think I'd be able to see much of a difference, with 2400 either.

    I used to be a Network, & Computer Admin years ago, before Win7 came out, so I am experienced at troubleshooting XP. I've learned everything I know hands on so I guess I would be able to pick things up with Win7 fairly easily.

    I'd probably have an easier time finding software, & more current drivers, online for it too.
  9. 2200 is a hybrid freq, 2400 may be more than the CPU can handle, the Snipers are fine, as are the RJs - a QVL to be honest is pretty worthless, more on that in this info thread I wrote a while back:

    and yes on Win7, you shouldn't have any problems, if you do, there's plenty of folks here, and feel free to PM me if you'd want to
  10. Okay & I just wondered since Newegg has both for the same price. I did find another set of Snipers, that Newegg has listed on eBay, the only difference is the Cas Latency is 11 vs 9. I guess 9 must be faster.

    Ya I know Asus QVL's aren't ever accurate. They have never had the memory on them that I have used in my motherboards before. I contacted Corsair, earlier to make sure the memory I was looking at getting, would work in it. I was originally planning on getting the Corsair Dominator Platinum.

    I really appreciate all your help.
  11. No ones QVLs are really any good, like in the info thread, they just pop sticks in that are there and if they run at the default of 1333, they say good to go, lots of people buy good high freq DRAM and it won't run because the BIOS isn't ready, the bulk of all BIOS updtates is really DRAM updates
  12. Hi again,

    I was looking at GSkills Website, trying to see what the difference was between the Snipers, & the Ripjaws, & the only thing I could find, and/or see listed, was that they showed the Ripjaws as being made for X79. They didn't specifically say the Snipers were. Is this just because they were made before X79?

    I also have another question. I know what the differences are, as far as the specs go, with CPUs, Video Cards, etc..., however I never have know the difference with memory.

    For example from the prices it appears, the lower the CAS Latency the better, which makes sense since I am aware the less latency you have the better, but I have no clue when it comes to the timers.

    I know the lower the voltage the better, of course, because of heating.

    So for example the Ripjaws are 9-11-10-28. From what I can tell the lower the last number, 28, the better, but I don't know why, not that it really matters. I understand the other specs, as far as hardware goes, just not these ;)

    Just thought I'd ask you since it looks like your an expert in almost everything :D
  13. The Ripjaws Z were brought out and aimed at X&( and quad channel, work fine with dual et al, The Snipers weren't aimed at any particular chipset, and were my #1 choice for a long time for most everything, till the Tridents came along, they've moved to #1 for newer Intel builds, then Snipers #2, they remain #1 for AMD and earlier 1155 socket as far a DRAM in general, look for the best combo of CL (that's the first of the primary timings) and higher freq

    Best performance per freq is

    1600/7 1866/8 2133/9 2400/10 2666/11 or if you can find better - then even better
  14. I left out that I understood the freq rates :P

    I was trying to figure out how much of a difference, the following two Timings made, since there is about a $15 difference, between the two.

    Is it worth spending the extra, to get 32 vs 16, now that I am going to Win 7? From what I was reading it looked like the pro version was better to go with, & unless I am mistaken I am going to need the 32 bit version, for my parents computer, since they are still using the LGA775 Q9650 system.
  15. I just thought of something else. I am currently using a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus. I just looked it up & it says it's compatible with the i7 CPU. Do you think it will do the job or should I get something else? My case has a good amount of fans also so it stays fairly cool now.
  16. If I get the Ripjaws, instead of the Snipers, I can save an extra $25, by getting them through a combo deal. Which would you do? or should I go with the 32 gig instead & get the Tridents?

    Decisions...Decisions... ;)
  17. RJs will be fine
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