Help with cooling a hp h8 1214 with upgraded graphics card

I have a hp h8 1214 and I have upgraded the graphics card in it. I now have a GeForce Gtx 780 factory over clocked graphics card that I'm putting in it. I plan on putting together a 3 screen set up down the road. I have also upgraded the power supply to a 850 watt unit to run the graphics card. I need help in determining the best route for CPU cooling.

I would like to go liquid cooling but I don't know if this is the right way to go. I did buy a corsair h60 liquid cpu cooler but the fan doesn't fit in the case.

Would my best option be to upgrade the fan and heat sink that is currently in the computer instead due to space issues?

What is my best option here?

I mainly play racing sims like Iracing and f12013 at the highest possible settings.

I can provide pictures if needed. Thanks for any help.
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  1. Unless you're overclocking, the stock cooler should be fine, just make sure you have plenty of air flowing and ventilation, if it's hot after that get a low profile cpu cooler.
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