760 vs 670 vs 7970 vs R9 280x GPUs for fresh build

Hello! Thanks to anyone taking the time out of their day to help.
I am in a predicament of my own sort. I am building a rig and I cannot decide between the 670, the 760, the HD7970 and the R9 280x. Price is somewhat of an issue, since I don't want to go above 250 too badly. Right now, I can get the 670 and the 760 for the same price, so first I'd like to see which I would get at that price point. Then, the winner of that I'd like to see compared to the 7970 or the R9 280x. The 7970 is 10 dollars more than the 670 and 20 more than the 760 and comes with 3 additional free games (a nice bonus). The R9- 280x is a bit of a leap, as it costs an additional 20 dollars on top of the 7970 and comes with no games. In addition, a friend showed me a R9 280x that is another 10 dollars on top of that. Benchmarks aren't very helpful and I have found to be inconclusive. Any help? Thanks in advance!.
NOTES: 7970 is NOT GHZ edition.

R9 280X
+10 R9 280X

EDIT NOTES: I don't want too much of price related thinking on the 760-670 and perhaps even on the 7970 to the 670, but definitely if it is 760-7970 or -R9 280X, or the 7970 - R9 280X
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  1. I'm going to say get the 670 if you like running stock, the 7970 if you like to OC your stuff and/or you care about the games.
  2. 4745454b said:
    I'm going to say get the 670 if you like running stock, the 7970 if you like to OC your stuff and/or you care about the games.

    I'm probably too incompetent to OC anything, and I do want high quality stuff, but I want to keep this for a little bit. I don't want to have buyer's regret within 6 months, so I just want the best value since I won't be getting a new one too soon.
  3. 670 all the way. Great framerates, lowest latency, low noise and low power. The 760 is a smidge under if the 670 doesn't stay an option.
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    if you can buy the MSI Gtx760 Hawk grab that its a weapon of a card and is already factory overclocked performs better than a gtx670 and i seen a benchmark where it actually passed a stock gtx770 and if your planning on getting battlefield 4 well there is always R9 280x which will run it awesome because of MANTLE coming out in december which is going to be built into the new series of amd cards. Me i would grab the new Amd series cards or the 760 Hawk
    sorry i only like recommending products i use :P

    760 hawk benchmarks :

    msi gaming 280x benchmarks:
  5. Prices on Nvidia cards are coming down, so hold off a week or two for the best deals. I'm excited about some of the new PhysX games coming out (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Batman: Arkham Origins, Witcher 3), so that's why I personally would stick with Nvidia.

    Here's the latest performance chart:
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