Is the GTX 650 Ti BOOST a good card for gaming??

Im building a Gaming PC but I cant figure out which graphics card to buy. Preferrably something that is on bestbuy.
Right now I have my eye on 2 cards:
GTX 650 Ti
GTX 650 Ti Boost
Is there really a difference between them? the BOOST is $15 more. Is BOOST really worth it?
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  1. For $15 more the boost is definitely worth it. There is a significant difference between the two cards. The boost has the maximum clock speed of a 660, just not as many CUDA cores which is why it is cheaper. I don't know what type of gaming you will be doing on the systyem, but the 650ti Boost is definitely better.
  2. The boost is definitely worth the extra $15 but the cards themselves are not worth the price nVidia is charging for them. The GTX 650 Ti gets absolutely ROASTED by the Radeon HD 7850 with a 30% increase in power and also remains just ahead of the GTX 650 Ti Boost. Now, keeping in mind that you're going to need the 2GB version for the future, the XFX Radeon HD 7850 Core Edition 2GB is $120 after rebate while the EVGA GTX 660 Ti Boost 2GB is $130 after rebate. You'll be paying $10 more for a card that has less performance than that stock HD 7850. In the end, the Radeon HD 7850 is just a better buy all-around. Here are the pricing structures:
    EVGA GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB - $140 (-$10)
    XFX Radeon HD 7850 Core Edition 2GB - $150 (-$30)
    Here's some gaming comparisons from AnandTech:
    Dirt: Showdown:
    GTX 650 Ti Boost - 61fps avg.
    HD 7850 - 73fps avg.
    Total War Shogun:
    GTX 650 Ti Boost - 56fps avg,
    HD 7850 - 55fps avg.
    Hitman: Absolution:
    GTX 650 Ti Boost - 53fps avg,
    HD 7850 - 59fps avg.
    Sleeping Dogs:
    GTX 650 Ti Boost - 54fps avg,
    HD 7850 - 58fps avg.
    Crysis: Warhead:
    GTX 650 Ti Boost - 40fps avg,
    HD 7850 - 44fps avg.
    Far Cry 3:
    GTX 650 Ti Boost - 51fps avg,
    HD 7850 - 53fps avg.
    Battlefield 3:
    GTX 650 Ti Boost - 70fps avg,
    HD 7850 - 61fps avg.
    Civilization V:
    GTX 650 Ti Boost - 56fps avg,
    HD 7850 - 58fps avg.
    When one considers that the HD 7850 is $10 LESS and wins in 6 games out of 8 over the GTX 660Ti Boost, one realises that the HD 7850 is just the better buy over the GTX 650 Ti Boost.
    Man, this took a LONG time to write, but if it gets best answer, it was worth it. Cheers!
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