After Removing my DVD-Rom that i installed win Xp with the windows won't log in

I've a friends PC that needs a windows E3200/G41 1GB RAM HDD Maxtor 80G IDE
after i installed the win with my DVD-rom (Started up & shut down many Times) & then removed my DVD-Rom the windows is stuck at the screen of (Safe Mode - Start Normally - Last known Config) & sometimes got the blue screen with code 0x000007b i googled it with nothing related to my dvd problem >>> after connecting the dvd again it works as normal !! if i remove again it never enter connect works as charm! as if nothing happens !
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  1. Sounds like you removed an internal IDE DVD-ROM drive, is that correct? If so, was the DVD-ROM and HDD on the same IDE cable?

    If so, you may need to set the HDD to work in single drive mode (assuming there isn't another IDE device attached to the same cable).
  2. @COLGeek

    The HDD IS IDE There is an old (non working) IDE CD-ROM Too but i disconnected before starting any thing MY DVD IS SATA

    There Is one IDE Connected THE MAXTOR HDD & one Sata (My DVD)
  3. Understood. Will the system start in Safe Mode (without the SATA DVD-ROM attached)?
  4. No >> No safe mode /Networking /Start normally
    no option allows me to log in either restart or show the blue 0x0000007b
  5. Did you try reconnecting the defective IDE CD-ROM (just to get the system to boot)?
  6. i did nothing either
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