fx 6300 + 760 vs fx 6300 + 7950

The 760 will be MSI oced 760 and the 7950 is just XFX 7950 ... so which one ?
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  1. The GTX760 is slightly more powerful so go with that.
  2. I'd say the 7950. It has more Vram 3gb vs 2 gb. And if found on sale the 7950 is cheaper as well.
  3. It's a little tough, but I'd say get the 7950 if you can find it on sale and if you plan on overclocking it. Otherwise get the oc'ed 760.
  4. The 760 is just 10$ cheaper
  5. Blake Long said:
    The 760 is just 10$ cheaper

    If the 760 is cheaper, then get that. It's already oc'd too.
  6. k thanks :) ... Also will 550 w psu be enough ?
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    Yes, 550w will be enough. However, if you ever plan on buying a 2nd card you will need a more power psu (at least 750w).
  8. Nice, many people have been choosing the HD7950 in front of the GTX760 in the US because you can have it cheaper. In your case no question going with the GTX760 when cheaper.
  9. yep ... wish I was in US right now ... my build would have been so much better for the price
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