Help with installing operating system after installing new HD to Dell Inspirion 17/17 R

I got the replacement HD from Dell and the software to do it with tech assistance but they couldn't figure it out so I put back in my old HD and decided to see if someone else knew what they were doing I'm moving to a different state and don't have the time to play with them right now when installing the operating system it stated the product key didn't match to any windows applications I know there has to be a way to get this done please one help
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  1. with ether hard drive you boot from the dell restore cd. the restore cd should say your model and the right os on it. if they sent you the right restore cd when you run it,it should read your dell bios and install and take your oem number on the pc. if they sent windows 7 cd and your pc has windows xp the numbers wont work.
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