Thoughts on custom built computer?

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  1. My 2 cents: too expensive. $200+ motherboard, $200+ RAM, ~$300 HDD, ~$350 SSD, $650 GPU, $200+ keyboard. I can build two computers with that budget. With that budget, if you are okay with spending that much money on just parts for a computer, then I'd say go for it. But it won't out-perform a build that's half the cost by much.

    What's the build for? Gaming? Video/Audio editing?
  2. What country? Budget?
  3. -You can get a better cpu cooler for the money, either air cooled or an all in one.

    -The Corsair 600T is an outdated case, maybe look at a newer case from Corsair, Nzxt, or Cooler Master? I would look at a Nzxt Phantom 630, or Cooler Master Stryker.

    -Don't get Windows 8, it sucks. Get Windows 7 Professional.

    -You need to pick a power supply, otherwise you just have a bunch of pretty computer parts collecting dust. I would recommend a Corsair or Seasonic power supply in the 750W or 850W range. 1000W if you intend to overclock and run multiple graphics cards.

    As stated above. What is this computers function? What is it for? Gaming? Video editing?
  4. to be honest, I'm not all that knowledgeable with this kind of thing.

    it's primarily for gaming.

    I'm from Melbourne, Australia.
    using centrecom to build/buy.

    any recommendations are very much appreciated!
  5. budget wise.... I'm happy to spend about $2,500AUD
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