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my cousin says that each and every game is laging on his pc his specs are i7 4.2 ghz 16gb ddr3 ram 1tb hd and1350w psu crosshair with gtx 680 4gb .no viruses are found his os is windows 7 ultimate 64 bit . What may be the region that games like igi is laging on gtx 680.
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  1. 1.your computer is too hot so it slow down your computer
    2.update video card driver
  2. Does he have the latest drivers? Or did he put it in the PCIE 16x lane?
  3. yes we downloaded 325.70 nvidia drivers but not in use games slow down mainly games installed from original disc like fifa 14 to gta sanadres .but crysis 3 is omly game runing fine problem started before an week .
  4. and ithink his psu or rams are gone but there is no beepeing or any other problem
  5. his mother board is asus saber tooth with two. 3.0 graphics slot and 4 ram slot a
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    I see. Try updating the games? There are times that games have patches to fix some compatibility issues. If it doesn't work, try to reseat the GPU and reinstall the drivers.
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