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Creating an at home Hyper-V Server

October 16, 2013 10:22:23 PM

I have the need to upgrade my E6750 to something a little more powerful ( and stable that won't overheat ) as I am in the process of revamping my lab. I run mostly Virtual Machines (5-8 VMs with moderate traffic from the outside ) that will be hosted and changed in and out monthly. Hard Disk space isn't an issue.. I have plenty of drives available.

I have been looking at the 4770 (non K)

Anyone have any input on how I should tackle this?

Other notes: The motherboard must support a slot for a nic card with 4-8 extra ethernet cables. The VMs will have 512 - 1024 mb of memory each.

Hardware I have at my disposal: 3 TB worth of HD's, GTX 560, Power Supply (4 to 5 years old), Case, CD/DVD drive, etc, etc.

Basically Need help with choosing CPU, MOBO, and RAM for home server 2012 hyper-v install