ubuntu no longer detecting wireless networks

I a first off a Linux noob. I installed 13.04 yesterday and everything worked fine. today I installed the netflix app which never worked at all. shortly after, I lost my internet connection and my system no longer detected any wireless networks, though it still shows mine in the edit window. it doesn't give an option to connect, however. I'm using a belkin router and usb adapter and my wireless keyboard and mouse are working fine. I've checked the forums and can't find anything that works.
any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. What network manager are you using?
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    Can you post output from a few commands from your terminal for me?

    sudo lsusb

    sudo lshw

    sudo ifconfig

    To open a terminal hit Ctrl+Alt+T and type in what I gave you above verbatim. Then copy and paste the output here and put it in
    tags (without the spaces though).
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