GPU for BF4

i plan on building my first pc and i saw BF4..
i think i will love to play that game...
now i am thinking if what will be the best GPU that can Max out the game..i am leaning on a NVIDIA card because i want PHYSX..i'm on a tight budget..

i have a i5 4670 and 8gb of ram..
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  1. There's another thread going on right now with almost the identical question. No harm in asking but it also doesn't hurt to take a look at the first two pages of the forum before popping your question.

    Anyway, you've got enough RAM and your CPU is fast enough to not bottleneck any of the cards that are currently on the market. What's the resolution that you're going to be using for BF4? If budget is tight, it's definitely smarter to go with AMD right now. The R9 280X performs on par or occasionally even better than a GTX 770 in BF4 for around $100 less, and when BF4 implements Mantle API support in December, the AMD card could perform even better. Maxing out BF4 at 1080p will be no biggie with an R9 280X, which is pretty much the same thing as a 7970 GHz Edition.
  2. BF 4 is a very demanding game, it is going to take some serious gpu muscle to max out. I know for a fact that a single 770 is not able to run it at 1080p on ultra with a steady 60 FPS. so in order to max out the game, you need at least a 780 or a titan, which both are very expensive. AMD is just about to release their flagship card R9 290x, claiming that it surpass titan in term of performance. Although we still don't know how much they are going to price it, I think its very likely that they would price it comparable to a 780. but we just have to wait and see about that.
  3. You're right, the BF4 open beta really was extremely demanding, and had a whole bunch of other problems. But hey, no harm in waiting to see whether the final product will be any different from open beta at all. Of course a 780 is always going to be better than a 770, but if you haven't got $650 to spend on a computer part, that's not a realistic option. The R9 290X will be around $729, you can take my word for it or you can wait for it to hit the market.

    But if you're like me and don't have money flowing from my rear end, you might want to sit tight for now.
  4. No thismafiaguy I was not trying to push him to get 780 over 770. what I said was that it is not realistic to max out that game at a resolution like 1080p with a single 770. of course Dice has plenty time to optimise their game, but there is only so much you can do. When you turn on 4x msaa, it is all over. 770 being a rebranded 680 simply doesn't possess the horsepower to get 60 FPS at ultra setting Secondly, there is really no point of getting a 770, given that 680s cost $150 less in where I live. You can overclock it yourself and get the 770 performance.
  5. i just want to play it in 720p because i only have a small 15 inch monitor. also, i only want to play in high resolution,not on ultra...there's not much difference.. cpu and ram was just given by my brother because he immediately upgraded to i7 and to 16gb so if you're thinking that i have a lot of you're wrong...hehehe..i'm just building this from his scrap..
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    The first reviews of the R9 290X have emerged, and apparently it's hitting the market at $549, which is a big surprise! It trades blows with the GTX 780 in most games, and tends to pull ahead in synthetic benchmarks. The competitive pricing of the 290X will surely bring Nvidia back to reality with their pricing, as AMD have now got cards that are ~$100 cheaper than Nvidia in the top 3 tiers of GPUs.

    To rhobin_16, you won't need anything with this much power if you're going to play at 720p. Definitely wait until BF4 implements Mantle support this December, and after Nvidia brings out the 780Ti to settle the dust a bit. Who knows, you might be able to run BF4 with buttery smooth performance using a 270X of around $199.

    Here are the links to a few of the 290X reviews:

    Would I be interested in the 290X? Probably not, because of my specific needs and restrictions. I have a mini-ITX system in a Fractal Design Node 304, so it's not the most ventilated setup, and anything producing 90°C+ will simply cook the rest of my system. Even if I find an aftermarket version with a significantly better cooler, the power draw is still simply going to melt my 550W power supply. My eyes are settled for now as I await the arrival of the GTX 800 series next year.
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