I can't make a bootable USB for Windows 8 64 bit from WIndows 7 32 bit


My windows crashed the other day. I want to install Windows 8 64-bit on my other laptop. For that i am trying to make my 4GB pendrive bootable as my DVD drive does not work in the crashed computer. I am trying to make the pendrive bootable from a 32-bit windows 7 laptop and then it shows compatibility error. How can I fix this? I need the solution asap. So I hope you guyz will reply!!!
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    open cmd,
    write diskpart

    "list disk" <- see whats your usb

    "select disk <USB Number>" to select ur device

    "clean" <-clean ur device

    "create partition primary"

    "select partition=1" <- select the partition

    "active" <- activate it

    "format fs=fat32" <-

    "assign" <- make it visible in the explorer

    close the cmd-window C:\windows\system32\diskpart.exe

    go to cmd-window C:\windows\system32\cmd.exe insert this :

    xcopy <Image>:\*.* <USB Stick>:\*.* /S /E /F

    <Image> letter of drive its mounted into

    <USB Stick> letter of ur USB .
  2. My pendrive got stuck in the middle of the converison. How much till will it actually take. Do you have any idea?
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