Upgrading RAM, some advise?

I want to upgrade my RAM
because of the newer games.

Where do i have to look for?
Does it matter if I buy DDR2 or DDR3?
Does it fit with my Motherboard?

I want to upgrade to 8GB RAM
and try to stay under US$121,- = €90,-
But if it is a really good brand I'm able to pay more.

My PC specs:
OS: windows 7 64- bit
CPU: Intel Core I5 2320 3Ghz
RAM: 4 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 498MHz Kingston HyperX
Motherboard: ASRock H61M-S
HDD: 932GB Seagate (SATA)

if you have any recommendations, please post.

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  2. Emerald said:

    But does it fit in my motherboard?
    it says: ''Supports Dual Channel DDR3 1600''
    does that mean only 1600?
    or is that not important information?
  3. No, you could also use DDR3 1333 or DDR3 1066.
  4. Emerald said:
    No, you could also use DDR3 1333 or DDR3 1066.

    oke thanks for fast reply.
    so almost every RAM stick is compatible?
    but why are there 4 rows on the motherboard and you only put 2 in?
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