Brand New HD7770 Screen Corruption

Hello all, I just unboxed my brand new Asus HD7770 and installed it with the latest drivers. Also installed new RAM which shows up fine in the BIOS. Problem is I'm seeing some screen corruption at random (see right hand side of picture). I have a Corsair VX450. Any thoughts?

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  1. Do you get anything like red bands across your screen when you first boot into windows? you can try under clocking the card a bit until about the 10% mark if that doesn't work send it in for rma. Guessing that you have already gone through the basics like updates ect...
  2. No vertical or horizontal banding.
    Cant exactly RMA it that easily. I bought it in America and I'm in India now.
    Will under-clock and see what happens
    My suspicion was that the power supply might be insufficient.
  3. This is the default. What should i set it to?
    Current resolution is 1920x1080. I don't think its a resolution/aspect ratio issue because the band on the right is where the Facebook desktop messenger was.

  4. Your aspect of the image is perfect for a 16:9 screen.

    I have never come across anything like this and it makes things so much worse being so far away from the purchase location.

    Any friends of yours have a system that can test the card out for you. It is possible for a power supply issue to cause all kinds of strange thing(most common being crashing system).

    The real kicker here is that both cards should have similar max power draw, but the idle on the 7770 should be better(lower).
  5. The same pattern has now started to appear across the entire screen on boot up after I log into my account. It disappears after that and will show up once again when i shut down/log out. Weird.
  6. Presler that was a brilliant deduction. Sometimes the weirdest problems have the most simple solutions. So, yes - it was a corrupted wallpaper file. I changed it and guess what - no more corruption! Thanks for that. Cheers.
  7. Well that is good to hear you got it fixed seeing as how hard an rma would have been.
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