How will my PC handle Battlefield 4

Hello, I have an ATI Radeon 5770 Graphics Card, AMD Phenom II x4, and 8Gbs DDR3 RAM. Hoping to pick up Battlefield 4 on PC to play with my friend. Seems like it would be a better option than on my xbox360. Although after reading some beta tests on lower cards it might not be worth it.
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  1. well a friend was running it at lowest settings at 30 fps and just with 4 gb ram
  2. Patrick Guenter said:
    well a friend was running it at lowest settings at 30 fps and just with 4 gb ram

    How did it look and play? I played the beta on 360 and it looked absolutely horrible.
  3. Well.. the graphics card is not ideal for BF4. Anyways you should be able to play it at 720p medium settings at 30+ FPS. Nothing more than that. I guess it is the time for an upgrade since the prices of cards are dropping a lot now.
  4. he could change the settings to ultra and it worked with just 5 fps less. his problem was the cpu and the ram
    just a dual core and 4gb, so it should run pretty stable on your system and look bette rthan on xbox :D
  5. Thinking about getting a new card like the 7970 but it is quite costly and for just a little bit more I could buy a PS4. Not sure what to do.
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    Well.. the max that your CPU would be able to push is the AMD 7870 or the Nvidia 660, so get any of these cards. They are also quite cheap nowadays. They would make a good rig for Battlefield 4.
  7. Would the 7870 work with a MSI 870A-G54 (MS-7599) Motherboard? Also what would the downside be to having a quad core Processor as opposed to the recommended six core?
  8. 1. Yes, that board would work just fine with 7870, no problem at all.

    2. And no, there are no downsides of having a quad core CPU. It is just that the 6 cores are a little better, but the quad core phenom is still a very good CPU for gaming.
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