Difference Between GTX 770 WF OC SLI and GTX 780 Asus SLI

Hey guys

is there a big difference between GTX 770 WindForce 4GB SLI And Asus GTX 780 SLI ?
does it worth the extra 400$ For 1080p Game Playing ?
I just want to make sure i dont have to Change My VGA For like next 4 Years And Play Games On Highest Setting
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  1. For 1080p a single 770 will propably be more than enough right now. If you consider/have concluded to multiple vga configuration, is suggest to check the new r9 280 x, crazy value for money at the high end vga area. A single 780 would be almost an overkill for 1080p in my opinion
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    Quite a big difference. The 770 is a GTX 680 rebranded essentially, whereas the 780 is a slightly cut down GTX Titan, a much better gpu.

    Weather its worth the extra is hard to say, as when you get to this high end, the cost gets much higher for smaller gains in performance.

    To be honest, for 1080p, a single 780 would be my choice.
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