Amd phenom II x6 1075t overclock

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So i wanted to ask the comunity some questions.How much should i push the cpu voltage in order to get as much as i can from the cpu and to mention that i dont have any problems with heat and overheating at all.How far can go a phenom II x6 1075 (Ghz) and is it normal that at 1.5 volt i cant get to 4 ghz or even 3.9 3.8 stable?
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  1. No..that's not normal;You should be able to get 4.2-4 with 1.47-1.5v if it's a decent chip.
    Here's how high they can go:

    You didn't mention what motherboard you're using.Tell us this, please;as well as cooling for your CPU.
  2. I have a gigabyte ga 880ga ud3h and the cooler is a thermalright macho , it holds up pretty well and thank you very much for the reply apreciate it.
  3. Remember not all chips are created equal.

    Are you sure your ram is not the holding you back? Try setting it at half speed.

    You should be able to hit 4.0 pretty easily I would think.
  4. i have 8 gigs kigmax 1333 you mean setting it at approximately at 666 mhz? or should i up the volt of ram ?
  5. You should probably increase Vcore,CPU/NB,DRAM,and NB voltage some
    step your RAM freq down a notch and see if that works 1st . :)
    DId I not post the guide? Shame on me
  6. I can't I just can't even at 3.7 @ 1.475 or 3.5 at stock volt.I can run it that way but sometimes when i start the computer it says that i overclocked too much and sets the fsb at 200
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