Computer crash + display freeze when playing video games

Hey, so I'm running a windows 7 on my computer and when I play a game my display totally freezes and sounds stop immediately so I have to manually reboot the computer. The games I'm playing are League of Legends and a World of Warcraft private server. I play league much more often and I'm not sure if it's just me but it tends to happen more there. I can play about 1-2 games when I happens again (1 game is about 35 minutes). I'm not a computer specialist myself but here is some info about my computer:
Graphics card(I think):AMD Radeon HD 6670
Processor: AMD FX(tm)-4100 Quad-Core Processor 3.60GHz
RAM: 8,00 GB (3,25 GB usable) [also what's up with that 3,25?]
32-bit operating system
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  1. Well,let me answer one of your questions,but at the moment I'm not totally able to solve your problem. But that 3.25 GB usable RAM is because you have a 32-bit OS. You need to have a 64 bit OS to use RAM beyond 4 GB.
  2. I wonder if your problem is because of overheating. Have you ever checked the temperatures?
  3. Nah I doupt it's that, firstly because the cooling vent is not against a wall and secondly I've tried touching the vent, it's hardly any hot.
  4. Well,it's not totally about the vent.Seeing that you're having an FX PU,let me ask you something.Are you running on stock cooler? If you are,you need to look at the temperatures,since the FX is really hot. It's maximum operating temperature is 70C,beyond which the system will shut down to prevent damage.Here,the system doesn't shut down,so not to worry.Though you could check out the GPU temperatures,since them getting too high may result in problems like this. For that,you could use softwares like Asus GPU Tweak,MSI Afterburner and such programs...With them,you could monitor your temperatures during gaming,and create a fan profile to keep your card cool.
    And other than the temperature issue,what you need to think of is the driver.Are your display drivers up to date? If it isn't there's a chance that such problems arise. So better check out that as well.
    If they are not,go to the AMD website and get the latest drivers for your 6670. If you're not sure which your GPU is,on the keyboard,Press Windows key+R to bring up Run console and type dxdiag.Then press enter and in the appearing window,check your GPU name under the Display Tab. Or as an alternative,you could go to the Device manager and check the Display adapter to see which your GPU is....Hope it helps....
    You can get the 32 bit latest drivers here:
    An go here for the latest 64bit drivers:

    Anyway,I'd suggest you install the 64 bit OS and install the 64 bit drivers,should the problem be fixed in the 32 bit OS.
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