Haswell or Ivy bridge ?

Hi all I am about to buy a intel cpu and was wondering because i have a Asus Matrix Platinum 7970 which cpu will go well with my gpu , the i7 4770k or a 3770k ? I want to use the full potential of my gpu so which generation should i go with for best gaming performance ?
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    Haswell without a doubt.

    In real world, haswell brings only 10% of an increased performance than the Ivy Bridge.
    Hower, the motherboard compatibilty plays an important role. z77 (for Ivy Bridge) has less features than the z87 (for Haswell). So with more/better features of the z87, a good/stable Overclock can be achieved.

    And if you plan to game, get the 4th gen i5. The only difference between i5 and i7 is Hyperthreading. And games have no use of hyperthreading.
  2. Best for gaming: i5-3570k & i5 4670k. You wont need i7 processors. Those cpus overclocked will serve u the best. Haswell preferred if I were u.

    Have fun!!
  3. You're definitely going to want Haswell. It has a slight performance bump as well as some new instruction sets. We're also moving onto Broadwell soon and the Haswell and Ivy Bridge systems are similarly priced. Haswell is definitely the choice here.
  4. Definitely Haswell.
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