Building a new system with parts already selected & need a few questions answered

Hi everyone. I am planning on building a new system at least around next January, possibly next December, and I need to know a few things before I do.


These are the components I'm planning on getting:




I already have an Radeon HD6570, so all of these should be fine with my current power supply, right?

Here it is:

It's been doing its job faithfully for almost five years, and never had any issues with it.

Plus I'll have a couple SATA 2.0 drives, a USB wired mouse & keyboard, and occasionally a USB 2.0 flash drive or two & *maybe* an external USB DVD drive "just in case." I am also thinking of purchasing a few more 120mm fans later on.

Second: Concerning my current video card, I *might* consider upgrading this at a later time, and I'm thking of getting this one:

Is there any difference in performance?


I was told by another member that in his opinion, the most my current PSU could handle is the 7770 or 7750 (see this thread:, so if I do install this in the new system, will my PSU be able to handle all of them?

If not, this is what I was thinking of getting:

I like it because it is a fully modular PSU, as that will help keep the inside of the case clear of unnecessary wires. This should be fine, right?

My goal is to keep cost down as much as possible without sacrificing performance, and then get extra "goodies" when I can afford them, which is why I am hoping that I can use my own PSU with my new system for now.

I do appreciate any advice that will be given. Thanks!
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  1. The 7770 is a bad mofo I play saints row 4 maxed 8xAA 16xAF, Nearly maxed out on Battlefield 3
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