Strange problem I'm having with my new build.

Hey guys just bought a few new upgrades for my rig, PSU, CPU, Mobo and SSD.

Anyhow when I got them open and assembled everything turned on the power, it did the, split second of power then nothing, thing.

So I thought something would probably be shorting it out, so I started breadboarding it and got it down to Motherboard with PSU, CPU.

Still doing the same thing when I turn it on. So i switch out the motherboard for my old one and... it works. I then place the new motherboard back and use my old PSU. That also worked but it hasn't enough power for all my components to be running together (240W).

So just wondering if anyone has any insight into what might be the problem?

Ill list off my parts:

i5 4670k 3.40GHZ Haswell

Gigabyte Intel Z87 DDR3 ATX Mobo (Socket 1150)

EVGA SuperNova NEX 650W Modular Power supply.

Radeon HD HiS Turbo 7950 GFX Card

EliTe 2 x 4g Ram

I dont know if you guys need/want any more information but just ask if you do, Im at a dead end of what It could be really. Thanks guys!

P.s This probably is no help at all but my old PSU wasnt modular whereas this one is fully modular, never dealt with modular before so its new to me but I did everything I should've Im quite sure,
24 Pin MB Cable in, 8 Pin CPU cable in, 2x6 VGA cables in. SATA cable in.

Thanks guys, Adam.

I have to go back to work but Ill be back on here to check on any solutions and answer any questions at around 10:15pm Thanks in advance guys.
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  1. That PSu is not great quality but it should be fine.

    Could be RAM. Try with one stick
  2. From what I am seeing you have an older motherboard with an older CPU that works. Your new equipment doesn't seem to.

    New power supply can run the older board it seems, so the power supply is working.

    You didn't list buying new ram, I assume it is DDR3. Is it on the supported memory list for the new motherboard, or something very close?

    It may be a dead motherboard or CPU. Sometimes you can get a beep code out of a motherboard by removing the CPU, other times the CPU is needed for the motherboard to do anything.
  3. I suspect a poor or non-existent connection of one or more wires in the 24 pin connector from the PSU to the MB. A multi meter might help but it might be inside the PSU where you don't want to go and void the warranty. I would RMA the PSU.
  4. I don't think its a power supply problem as when I plug the new one into the new Mobo it works, though when I do that... it doesn't display an image on the monitor. Ill put it like this...

    New Mobo + New CPU + New PSU + GFX Card = Split second flash of power when on button is pressed, but thats it.

    New Mobo + New CPU + Old PSU + GFX Card = Nothing as not enough power (I don't think so anyhow, it starts and shuts down soon after)

    Old Mobo + Old CPU + New PSU + GFX Card = Power on all fans whirring lights on, just no display. Checked all correct cables in correct ports etc.

    No idea what else to try, should I call Overclockers support ask for RMA?

    Thanks guys
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