Which Hard Drive is better (more reliable)?

I am currently looking at the Seagate ST1000DM003 Barracuda 1TB or the Western Digital Caviar Blue. Speed is not really an issue as this will be my second hard drive in an SSD system, however, having said that I would like game loading speeds from them to be decent, as this is mainly going to be for installing games. So, I am mainly looking for reliablity.

However, if you think none of the hard drives are any good, please feel free to offer other suggestions - under £55 if you can please and with 1TB+ of storage

Here are Amazon links to the 2 hard drives:
Western Digital -

Seagate -

Additionally, when installing a second hard drive, do you just plug it in, or is there any additional steps you have to take? (I am not looking for a how to build a computer guide, as I have already done that, just some advice)

Thanks in advance!
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  1. I'd say, pick whichever brand you have more success with. I have more success with WD (only one failure in all my years using it). But some have better success with Seagate than WD. There's no clear winner.

    And yes, you just plug in the blank HDD and make sure you format it / create a partition.
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    You will not see any real world differences in performance between theses mechanical HDD's. Unfortunately no company publishes their mean time to failure to the public. Also there are no comparative charts for that data. Even if there were the mean time to failure is just a statistical representation. Any given drive can die sooner or later. Fact is they all will die at some point. Many of us never see this as we replace them or the entire system before it happens. However a significant number of users do see the agony of HDD failure. Some may say buy the best warranty. That is ok but you only get a refurbished drive as a replacement and lost data is lost(not covered). Since you are using it for games, I would choose the one with the best price or warranty. That type of data can always be easily restored. Yes when you get the drive shut your system down, install the drive, attach power and data cables, close it up and restart. The new drive should appear in My Computer. You may have to format it before using. Right click on the icon and select format. Select NTFS (win7-8) and start. Once done you are good to go.
  3. Dogsnake meant to say "Select NTFS ...:" in the second to last sentence.
  4. Corrected tks
  5. Thanks :)
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