My system is very slow

I am having feeling that my amd phenom was faster than this system

It is i7 with 4gb ram and has a 1gb graphics card.

Could there be a problem with my W7 64 bit?

How do i make it faster?
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  1. Is your HDD in good condition? Is there 2 OS loaded to the HDD? Or is it virus?There are many chances. You need to narrow it down. Please provide more info.
  2. The i7 is definitely faster so the question is what exactly is slow with your computer? Is the only difference between your previous system and the current one the CPU?
  3. Please provide a little more detail describing what makes you feel the new system is slower. This could be as simple as updating your video drivers, but we don't have much to work with here.
  4. I don't know much about systems.
    I can feel it very slow.

    It might be the hard disk. I have bought 1TB hard disk and it is sata.
    I have windows 7's default virus scanner and it is upto date.

    I don't know how to troubleshoot this.
    Please ask me questions, so i can post more details.

    When the system loads, The desktop icons become like an "unknown" icons and it takes more seconds to become the normal icons.

    If i open firefox, it is also taking longer time to load. I have to wait for every small events.
    If i shutdown the computer, it takes longer time.

    System has only one OS.
    Windows 7 64 bit.
  5. u_gonna_squeal_b4_we_cookya said:
    Have you done all the Windows updates and checked that all your drivers are up to date?

    You can upgrade your hardware as well. If you multitask a lot such as having many browser tabs open another 4GB of RAM wouldn't hurt.

    If you want Windows and apps to load faster an SSD is a good idea.

    Also check your task manager to see if there is anything running in the background such as a virus scanner.

    What is SSD?
    I do open lot of browser tabs. But the system is slower from the loading itself. I have used Pentium 4 too.


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  6. My system is having virus.
    I did a full scan today and found few virus in some rar files inside f drive.

    They were photoshop plugins which i downloaded from torrent.
    I deleted all the virus which were shown high alert in MSE

    Unfortunately, i have already unzipped one rar file and opened that pdf plugin in my photoshop.
    Again i run another scan, this time, it should one more virus in c drive. somewhere in firefox profile.

    What do i do?
    Should i go for a complete format?
    How do i take backup safely if i need to go for a complete format?
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