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I can't open my files in windows 7. every time I try I get the dialog box and nothings opening my .exe files, adobe flash, Saspyware, etc. I downloaded a file opener and I can't open it. Whats going on? This does not include my .jpg or my .pdf files
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  1. what the dialog box said?
  2. You can't 'open' .exe files. They are program command files (WORd.exe, iTunes.exe, etc). Double-clicking them should run the programs - the list of programs your START menu are simply links to these .exe files.
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    There are some malware/viruses that can cause such things to happen. I recommend a full malware and anti-virus scan on this rig. A good app for malware is Malwarebytes. See below for where to get it. Install, update, and perform a full scan. Delete all the program finds. (the free version will meet most users' needs)
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