Do I have the FULL official version of Windows 8.1?

Just updated to 8.1 on my laptop that came with 8...In the right corner of the desktop is says" Windows 8.1
SecureBoost isnt configured
Build 9600"

What build!? This is the full official version from the microsoft store! And when i log in, how do i remove my password?

I mean is it a preview? Its not a preview :( Is it the full version if it says

"Windows 8.1
SecureBoost isnt configured correctly
Build 9600" In the bottom right corner???

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  2. This message is detailed in this article on TechNet. It can be caused by either secure boot being disabled, or by firmware with pre-production policy or debug policy. In most cases, enabling Secure Boot or resetting the system firmware should resolve the issue. In cases where it does not, you may want to check with your hardware manufacturer for updates to the system firmware.
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