Are SSD drives interchangable between SATA and newer versions (SATA3 now available)? I have older A8N-LA Mobo.

I'm tinkering around with a Compaq Presario SR1930Z, we purchased around 2005' or so. I'm going to replace the single core processor in it (Athlon 64 3500) with a dual core (x2 4200) I found on Ebay.

My question is this, I want to get my son a new SSD 500Gb hard drive for his newer laptop this christmas. But, I was thinking of getting it now and playing around a bit just to see if it really speeds up the old presario too?

So, guess my question is this, would a newer SSD work with an older motherboard with only SATA (version 1) ports on it? (Asus A8N-LA motherboard).

Thanks in advance for any replies!
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  1. Oh, and I'm presently using Windows 7 32 bit, but want to move over to the 64 bit after I do the processor swap.
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    Any SSD is faster then a regular hard drive, however, if the computer can't push the data fast enough it will be somewhat pointless. You will be very limited by the bandwidth the CPU and Ram can handle.

    Additionally,modern SSDs thrive on SATA III 6Gbps, and are fairly good on SATA II 3Gbps. I wouldn't recommend hooking it up to a SATA I 1.5Gbps based computer. The fastest standard hard drives could saturate that.

    Oh, and to add, AHCI is necessary for all the modern functions of an SSD such as trim and wear control. A controller without AHCI will limit some of the performance (and may prevent booting an OS in some cases)
  3. I was not aware that one could change out the processor on your laptop.

    Regardless, a ssd is THE best performance enhancer you can buy.
    The big benefit comes from small random reads and writes that the os does mostly.
    That is hardly impacted by sata 1. Even sequential large block I/O will be 2-3x faster than your laptop hard drive.

    I have made such changes on my older laptops with impressive results. Do it and you will be pleased.
  4. That desktop was only offered with these CPU's and might not work with anything else. OEM's like HP and Dell like to lock their supported cpu's into the bios and nothing else will run.
    Athlon 64 (3500+ 2.2 GHz / 2000MT/s);
    Athlon 64 (3700+ 2.2 GHz / 2000MT/s);
    Athlon 64 (3800+ 2.4 GHz / 2000MT/s);

    I just found another thread that says it will work. Good Luck!
  5. Okay, then if the SSD is overkill for this machine, what would a RAID controller and another HDD do for it? Thanks for all the replies!
  6. I would try a small a SSD nevertheless. Without AHCI you would have some negative impact on performance, but your system itself is old so you won't feel it.
    Just buy a small 120 GB SSD like the Samsung 840 Evo, it should help a bit but not to much. TRIM doesn't work that's right, but wear leveling is an internal process which works independent from BIOS settings and OS.
    Another HDD in RAID won't help really.
  7. I can't help but wonder if computers have a sole, do you think they would want us to believe in "euthanasia"?

    Thanks again for all replies!
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