is an intel core i5 3210m, 8.2gb ram and an intel radeon HD 4000 graphics card good for mid end gaming?

just wondering, all answers apreciated
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  1. In most cases the HD4000 is good for low end gaming.

    It depends on the game themselves and what the requirement for the games are.
  2. 'Good' for very low end gaming. Intel integrated graphics has very poor performance.
  3. Performance is relative, if you've been playing wow on integrated graphics for 3 years, then you look at a 4k chip, the 4k performs fine. Look for a laptop with an AMD A10 APU, the A10 graphics are the best you can get without a discrete gpu.
  4. Like the others said, if its things like TF2/Torchlight/TOME/etc then it will do fine otherwise its not anything to write home about.

    Where did you see 8.2GB? That seems like a weird number.
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