MSI G43 GAMING 1150 haswell which one? B85, H87, Z87

hello all
im building a gaming rig, with a nivida (660ti probs) graphics card.
I do not intended to overclock and im wondering which of these 3 would be best value for money

option one is MSI B85-G43 GAMING, cheapest of them all:

option two is MSI H87-G43 GAMING, apparently has integrated graphics:

option three and max of my budget Z87-G43 GAMING

so can you please tell me which is best and cheaper the better since im on a tight budget. BUT i Do not want to compromise on performance.
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    Go with option one (shouldn't compromise any performance).
  2. cheers, is there anything im missing out on in reference with the h87 cause its got intergrated graphics?
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