Attempting to install Windows 7 from USB; stalls at "Loading operating system..."

My computer was giving me a great deal of trouble recently, and after exhausting every other option I could think of, I formatted my computer by installing Ubuntu 13.04. I'm now trying to get Windows 7 installed as well and have it on both a DVD and a USB, but I experienced no success booting from DVD. The USB is recognized by my computer on boot up and can be booted from, but when I do this it only stays at "Loading operating system..."

Pressing keys won't do anything while it's in this state, except that pressing arrow keys makes the computer make peculiar sounds.. I'm not sure what the problem is, but I need to get Windows 7 installed again.
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  1. 1) ok what computer are you using and what is the hardware specs and how old is it.
    2)what did you use to format the usb my advice is use a program called rufus ( )
    3)what did you use to make the DVD bootable if i it is a retail version it should work (if you torrented it i want judge you :) )
    4)were did you get the ISO image for your windows image also rufus can rip files from a disk onto a USB and make it bootable

    my advice is use a usb it is quicker and better even my old HP laptop can boot from usb it is from 2004 a pain but doable
  2. 1) The computer is about two years old. It came with Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64-bit. My motherboard is a GA-970A-UD3

    2/3) I used the Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool on both the USB and the DVD.

    4) I got the .iso from Digital River, a licensed Microsoft distributor.
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    try using rufus (link above) to make the usb bootable and make sure the format is NTFS other wise it wont work.
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