Trouble using old computers esata port to transfer files to new computer

I had a Dell Inspiron n5010 with an esata port on the side, and the video card died so I got a new Acer Aspire. I bought an esata to usb 2.0 cable and connected my computers to try and recover my old files but my Acer is not recognizing an external hard drive. Is there something else I have to do besides simply connecting them?

Also my Dell's screen does not work so I can't do anything on there
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  1. the esata port is to mount another external drive to the n5010
    The usb port is also looking for a device.
    This won't work.
    Return the cable then get a drive dock or enclosure that supports 2.5" drives and put the n5010 drive in there. Connect it to the new pc and it will work just like an external drive.
    I've used this one in the past.
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