Best USB 3.0 Cable for WDigital Elements & My Passport?


I've just bought two Western Digital USB 3.0 external hard drives a) Western Digital 2TB My Passport Essential (WDBY8L0020BSL) USB 3.0 b) Western Digital Elements (WDBU6Y0020BBK-NESN) USB 3.0.

Unfortunately, the two come with ridiculously short USB 3.0 cables. Equally unfortunately I don't know anything about USB cables. I'm using the two external hard drives with a Dell Dimension 8400 running Windows XP professional.

I'm looking for a 3' USB 3.0 cable that would give me the best transfer speed for my system. I'd be very grateful to anyone who could tell what cable I should be looking for and where I can buy it for the best price.

My thanks in advance.
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  1. What you need is a USB 3 male to Micro B male cable. You can get one from Amazon:

    There shouldn't be any speed difference between the cables.
  2. There is a speed difference between the cables. I have a 1tb adata usb powered hdd and with the original (very short ) cable I get 85MB per sec. To connect it to my PC I got 1.5 m long USB 3 male to Micro B male cable - the speed is around 40 MB per sec.
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