Which 1080p LCD monitor should I get?

Gon' buy either one of these on craiglist, price difference are only $5:

Hp 2310m
LG w2240t ?

Mainly looking for the one with better quality, but I'm not very good with monitors .
The LG one has a contrast ratio of 70000:1 ,while the HP one @ 1000:1 .
But is that true? or just some type of marketing terms? Is there a big difference?
Also, hp has 3ms while the LG one has 5ms.
About the size, is 1080p more ideal on a 22" (thought I've read the LG one is only 21.5) or 23"?

As for the looks ,I'd go for whichever.

What you guys think? Thanks
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  1. Get the hp one, at least it has the 3ms response time.
  2. Hmmm, anyone else?
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