Is this too cheap for an i7 cooler?

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    All 3 choices will work and should meet your needs. I (and many on this forum) use the Hyper 212 EVOs in our systems. Hard to beat the performance/cost ratio.
  2. this will work for a 1150 socket right??
  3. I'd go with he 212 over the other 2 personally. But you could also go with the Noctua NH-D-14
    I am currently running a Kraken x60, and couldn't be happier. (Had to mod my case though :) )
  4. Charles Daher said:
    this will work for a 1150 socket right??

    LGA 1155 and 1150 have the same mount for CPU coolers, so if you see 1155, then yes-it'll work. :) And all these coolers fit you're CPU. (Just be sure to read the manual to see how to set it up, some need adjustments for different sockets)
    Also check this one out: Phantek

    Here's some results from testing:,14.html
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