Strange mobo problem w/graphic cards

Specs: ASUS Z77 Sabretooth LGA 1155
i5 2500-k
Corsair 600w PSU

I am trying to put in a Radeon HD 7950 (Sapphire) but when I put it in any of the 3 PCI-e ports the computer doesnt recognize it. The fans and lights still work so i know power is going to it I just cant get the monitor to respond

I swapped to my Radeon HD 7770 and same thing (no detection) *note* this card guaranteed works as tested in my old pc


I inserted my Nvidia GTX 550-TI and it recognized it in all 3 ports and immediatley asked to update drivers,etc.

Is there something with it being an AMD card that the issue lies in?

Any help would be appreciated, im new to computer building and so far ive gone as far as a fresh windows install, bought a 750w PSU to see if it was a power issue, I'm at a total loss
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  1. you try updating the bios?
  2. ingtar33 said:
    you try updating the bios?

    i havent, could you explain how to do that? I have installed "from disk" but after that I haven't done anything. Sorry I am not familiar with using the BIOS
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    i believe ASUS allows you to flash the bios from windows. just download the bios update from the website, run the installer.

    If it doesn't come with an installer, put the file on a thumb drive, restart the computer and load into your bios (hit F1 during POST). one of the last tabs in your bios will have an update option, specify the thumbdrive as the source of the file and let it do it's magic.
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