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I just recently took the windows 8.1 update on my Asus n550jv laptop. However now it appears that (usually within the first two minutes or so of a restart) the trackpad will stop working and then the cursor will then disappear. This leaves the keypad completely useless (not even the gestures work). This problem seems to go away after a restart but then reappears in a minute or two. Please note this problem persists among all apps and in the windows interface. I know this was a problem with the preview 8.1 back a couple months but i thought it was fixed. This major glitch leaves my $1000 laptop useless pretty much. If it wasnt for the touchscreen (which works fine) i wouldnt be able to use it at all. Please note I have yet to try it with a mouse. Im thinking its a glitch in the driver programming but i dont know what to do. Thanks for the help.
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  1. Issue fixed. The problem lies in the asus smart gesture software. It appears to disable itself after the update (or at least it did for me). Once I restarted smart gesture my trackpad began working again.
  2. Glad to hear. I updated from 8.1 Preview to 8.1. No surprises... had to reinstall non-app programs as expected. Actually one bonus is I was not using the very speedy IE11 because I had issues leaving posts on certain sites. With the upgrade the issue has gone away... hello IE11, goodbye Chrome.
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    Hi, I had the exact same problem: upgraded the OS to Windows 8.1 and the track pad stopped working (the two finger function took for ever to respond). So I opened the Asus smart gesture driver and marked the tabs to tell windows 8.1 to work in the compatibility mode with every aplication I found in the asus smartgesture folder (you have to go through each and everyone of them... at least that's what I did), reboot my computer and voilá! The track pad and smartgesture is working fine again, as it was when I had the windos 8 OS. That's about it. Thanl you!!!
  4. I have an Acer and the fix was to go to Acer Recovery and look for section to download drivers scroll down look for the touchpad driver mine I think said ÉLAN something. Anyway I clicked update driver and the system rebooted/restarted and there was my cursor pointer and touchpad worked.
  5. I had te same problem. When my Asus n550JV started up there was nothing wrong with my trackpad. So I looked in the hidden icons folder. When a trackpad program started up my trackpad didnt work anymore. So I went to the control panel and then to programs. When i was there i searched "Asus smart gesture". When i clicked on it i saw a button repair appear. When I clicked on it, it began to repair itself and all that sort of stuff. When it was done my oc worked properly.
    (Sorry for my English, but I live in the Netherlands.)
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