Gigabyte HD 7950 not working in Asrock Z87M Extreme 4 mobo

I have just installed Haswell i5 4670k CPU into new Z87M motherboard with 8 gig RAM. All works well off the onboard graphics, as soon as I hook up the 7950 no go. The screen appears black, no splash screen, nothing. I am using a DVI cable, not dual link DVI, however I had this working in another system just fine.
Any ideas?
Unit is powered by a thermaltake 875w PSU, has 120g SSD for windows and 1Tb sata for data.
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  1. Power connected to the card from the PSU and monitor hooked into the card?
  2. Use integrated graphics to update your motherboard drivers, this is a common issue with the 7000 series.
  3. Hello Gents, Yes Rolli59 I do have all the power connections in and the monitor hooked into the card, lol. I have checked all the cables to see that they were well seated and can`t find anything out of place.

    abdbgames, have not tried that as yet,but I will give it a go in the next 10 mins mate, thanks.
    I did update the bios, thinking it might be an issue, but it didn`t give me any joy.
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    If the card is working in another system points to something wrong with the slot on the board.
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