The Motherboard Posts, but when I plug in sys_fan to the PSU, there is no Post.

I got this motherboard. I built the computer and it did not work. I tried every troubleshooting guide I could find, as well as motherboard testing guides. Nothing worked, I concluded my motherboard was dead. Today my new motherboard got here and I decided to try one last boot. I took out/put in the battery (as I have already done) and it worked. Perplexed, I did a minimal build (CPU, RAM, motherboard, PSU and sys_fan). I included sys-fan because it is under my disk drives and almost impossible to get to later. I powered it and it did not work. Only think different than my desk-boot is the sys_fan, so I unplug it and sure enough it works. What could be the cause and how do I fix it?
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  1. Maybe i read that wrong, but I gotta ask. Are you plugging the power supply into the sys_fan port on the motherboard?
  2. Yeah I am. my case fans don't have any way to plug into my motherboard, but the PSU has a thing that goes into the sys_fan and that has an extension that plugs into my fans. Am I plugging the fans in wrong?
  3. yes your putting 12v into a connector that outputting 12v. your shorting out your rig when you do that. your fans if there three or four pins will plug into the motherboard if there large four pin molex then you can pick up adaptors to change them from large moxlex to small fan plugs.
  4. Well, my fans are 3 pins, but my motherboard has no 3 pin anything. My motherboard has a single 4 pin that I was plugging the PSU into. Off of that PSU chord, there is a branch with a 3 pin that can connect to my fan. What should I connect the fans to?
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    3-pin fans will plug into the 4-pin ports on the motherboard, there will just be a pin not used which is fine. The 2 fans on my cpu heatsink are 3-pin and they are plugged into the 4-pin connectors on the motherboard. If the psu has the 3-pin connectors you can use those too, or use molex to 3-pin adapters as mentioned above.
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