Trying to upgrade current system or build a new system for Everquest Next and Star Citizen.

I have a dell xps l702x i5 2.4ghz dual core 4 gb ram and a geforce gtx 555m 3gb onboard . I want to be able to play Everquest Next and Star Citizen at a reasonable frame rate around 40+ hopefully not dropping below 20 during high action scenes. I'm wondering if i upgrade my laptop to a quad core and maybe raising the ram to 8 gb if it would give me the performance i need to run these games decently. I also have a 42 inch passive 3dtv and was hoping to maybe use it for these games but don't know a way to pull it off as nvidia seems to only use active shutter technology. If upgrading would be pointless im looking to spend under 1500 for a new system i would prefer the mobility of a laptop but im open to a desktop as well. Suggestions would be appreciated
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  1. Not sure about Everquest Next, but for Star Citizen you will need a fairly powerful rig (by today's standards). Star Citizen devs have gone on record saying they are targeting future high-end hardware for their game, and that current top-end PCs running the likes of i7-4770k and gtx 780 or titan will only be able to handle the game at medium settings when it comes out.
  2. ouch.... medium settings on a titan? well then i guess im looking for something that will run everquest next which uses a modified version of the planetside 2 engine on high - ultra settings. I was looking at MSI laptops but they aren't configurable
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