mATX Budget Gaming Build?

Basically, I just put together a gaming build and I am unfamiliar with smaller cases but want to consume a bit less space than the monster I have now.
I am hoping this will all fit into the Prodigy M, if not please let me know what is the best course.



Graphics Card:


Hard Drive:
+Currently own a 3.5" 3TB HDD.



Is there anything that will make this blow up in my face or is this fairly solid?
It's been a while since I've started from scratch and I'd like to have some space for maybe blacklights or a liquid cooling system later down the line.
This is mostly just me displaying a rough draft and asking for any tips, this is as high budget as I can afford, though.

Thank you fellas, I really trust your judgment!
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    I'd change the 660TI to the Asus 760, which is about $3 less and it's a much better GPU, with that CPU, be nice if you could get a better mobo, so you could OC the CPU, might look at the Asus Z87-A if you can fit it in
  2. Truth be told I'm not too worried about overclocking for the time being. I am not sure of the sizing of the prodigy so I'm not sure if I can fit that mobo in, but it is above my price range as is. I've been pretty much pushing it.
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