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I have to send back ASUS P8Z77 motherboard for replacement. I need to put CPU socket cover back to comply with their request. I have original plastic cover that came with the motherboard. But I am having difficulty to put it back. I think it requires some kind of knack. Can anybody help me by providing the steps to do it?
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    I can't think of a creative way of telling you, but it's just hinging the cover on the metal that goes on the CPU, then pushing it down towards the board until it clicks back into place.
  2. Search for an unpacking video of your mobo on youtube. Maybe you can see how it works there
  3. this must be one of the most secrets ways to increse sales as there no instructions almost anywhere online or a good video on how to replace the plastic cover back. nobody cares as for sure it is not often that you have to send the motherbaord back but i guess it happend so then why there is no info anywhere about this ??? how do you place the plastic cover back not to mention GIGABYTE AND ASUS must be different are they ?
  4. bontaro said:
    I think it requires some kind of knack.

    I think you are right. I think probably because most cases where the cpu is removed the mobo is either re-used or trashed. A couple years ago I ruined a $135 mobo that I was going to return because bent a few pins trying to figure out how to do this.

    One "knack" is figuring out whether the plastic cover goes on the inside or outside. I just seccessfully (I think:-) replaced the cover on an Intel DZ68DB /1155 mobo, after finding this on YouTube:http://

    This video shows the cover being snapped into the outside of the clamp after the clamp had been locked in down position. My mobo has a Foxconn LG115X plastic cover and this video had the same or similar. However, prior to finding this I found a guide on another site that had an excellent still photo depicting replacement of the cover on an 1155 mobo with a Foxconn socket LGA1156 . Had I tried this procedure, I'm pretty sure I would have bent pins because this socket has a plastic cover that mounts inside the clamp.

    While the video is pretty good, I will add that the LGA115X external plastic cover has tabs on the bottom. The spacing between them is different. When I summoned the courage to giuve it a try I hooked the upper tabs into the curved notches on the top of the clamp, then carefully rested it on the clamp and lightly pressed. It snapped right in.
  5. Damn, I'm returning a Mobo to ASUS for RMA troubleshooting, but I thing I did more damage trying to get the stupid plastic cover on. I'm sure I bent a pin or two. It's one of those things they assume everyone should know how to do, but I have never given it a thought. Not a shred of instruction or warning. Oh, well there it goes.
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