Want to play ultra on most games...what graphics card to get?

I am pretty noob-ish when it comes to graphics cards. How much will a card that will allow me to play most games on ultra smoothly cost me?

Just want to be able to play most my games on ultra at the lowest cost. Plz help.
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    get a gtx 760 or an r9 280X
  2. +1 for the R9 280X.
  3. If you go the amd route, dont get the r9, not yet anyway, the 7970 comes with 3 free great games equal to 100$, so if you dont want the games you could sell them and it would be 40$ cheaper, also its a "new gen" gpu, and it hasnt been on the market for long, if you really want it, wait a month or 2 so we could see if the card has any problems.
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