R9 280X Crossfire Problem (7970 rebrand cards)

Hi i posted this before but i cant get back to the thread i cant find it anywhere..

Does anyone know why the r9 280x crossfire for me is having low gpu usage issues? I get 30-40% each card in just cause 2 on "concrete jungle" benchmark and i get 100% usage on a single card so i get around the same or better fps using one gpu. Ive tried different crossfire bridges, pci slots, drivers (13.9 to 13.11) and nothing makes it work EXCEPT it does get high usage 80-90 each card in heaven benchmark.. only the games that i play such as firefall, warframe, blacklight retribution etc all perform terribly, worse than my 560ti sli as they always performed full usage.
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  1. What processor and motherboard?
  2. arcolog2 said:
    What processor and motherboard?

    I7 2600k @4.5
    Gigabyte z68xp ud3p
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    welcome to crossfire. you should have just stayed with nvidia cards for dual card setups. With all the confirmed crossfire issues and stuttering, its a wonder anyone still bothers with it.
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