Newly Installed MSI 7950 (one fan version) boots up black screen and randomly freezes.

Hello, Tom's Hardware users. I got an MSI 7950 new version, installed it, plugged in both PCI-E connectors and it worked for a while. I was able to play BF3 on max and what not, ran smoothly. Then it froze once in a middle of the match. The computer was able to turn on again with picture and graphics. But now when I turn on my computer, the computer turns on, all the fans including the GPU fan spins. But on my monitor, which I plugged in real tight says no signal or check connection to cpu. What can possibly be wrong with my computer??
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  1. If you have problem regarding the PCI location: common problem
    Step1: uninstall and remove AMD driver
    Step2: change card location on PCI e16 if you have another one.
    Step3: plug the card and install MSI afterburn (drivers included).

    If you have problem regarding your graphics card ,see MSI tech support it may need hardware fix.
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