FX 8350+ GTX 760 or FX 8350+ R9 280X

Some say fx 8350 works better with nvidia graphic cards rather than its ati counterparts, is it true!?
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  1. its just a small difference.
    but the R9 280x is faster than the 760.
  2. Your system doesn't know whether it's a Nvidia or AMD gpu. However your pocket book does. 760 sells for $250 and R9 280 sells for $300. 760 is extremely capable to max out all games at 1080p. However if you are slightly worried and want to max out BF4 then get the 280.
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    Due to Nvidia cards having a little less overhead and the way the Hyperlinks work on AMD CPU vs Intel CPU, Nvidia works better on an AMD system than AMD cards, but the difference is VERY small.
  4. If you want to max out BF4 on 1080p I'd get the R9 780. It'll easily pull 60fps.
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