Gaming headset with surround sound or good sound card with stero headset (audio noob)

I just built a new PC for gaming and I have some turtle beach x12's right now. My motherboard is an asrock z87 extreme 6 with Realtek1150. The surround sound in games is not that good and I been thinking about getting a new gaming headset or a good sound card. I've been doing a lot of research but I keep getting conflicting answers. Should I just get a good headset like the astro A40 's that have surround sound. Or get a good sound card and keep my x12's and later get a good stero head set like the AD700X. I guess my price range is around 150$ , not of 200$. I just want to see what the best would cost.
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  1. It varies alot, according to your hearing. I found the Cyber Acoustics AC-404 far better than most expensive headsets. I used on-board sound for years, great sound. Right now, i'm using a ASUS sound card, since my on-board doesn't work. I get about the same quality of sound.
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